A Bonnet for Zanzi

11 Oct


Little Zanzibar is the last of our trio of cats to visit the vets for her neutering operation. We don’t want that wandering stud muffin of a tabby tom to make any nighttime rendezvous with our pretty Zanzi. So there’ll be no more kittens now…

We have just collected her and she has cried all the way home. She is probably sore from her stitches, but the thing causing her most distress is the plastic collar fitted to prevent her worrying at her stitches. She keeps banging it against the side of the pet carrier.

Zanzi with her plastic collar

At home she walks backwards or bumps into the furniture and doors.  Jaffa is following her about a bit warily. Surely it can’t be his sister in this alien headgear. Perhaps he recalls monster mum, Treacle, wearing one of these a couple of months ago and her getting very angry about it.

Zanzi is bemused rather than angry and not a bit impressed by her new bonnet. But she finally curls up in a corner. Somehow we can’t see it staying on for another 9 days though.

Jaffa watching Zanzi in bonnet


2 Responses to “A Bonnet for Zanzi”

  1. scarlybobs at 5:26 pm #

    Kasper is wearing a cone too due to nicking his foot…his is a fair bit bigger than Zanzi’s though!! 😉

    Sending her quick-healing vibes! 🙂


    • poppychat at 6:40 pm #

      Thank you. Zanzi looking much brighter already. Hope Kasper heals quickly too.


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