The Great Cat Take-over Bid

16 Oct

Poppy and cats

Poor Poppy. At one time she was the undisputed queen of our household and the centre of attention.

When Poppy joined our family, our old cat, Tootsie, was in his twilight years. Apart from teasing Poppy by springing out on her from behind bushes and curling up next to her to sleep, he was no trouble.

Then Treacle arrived as a kitten and for a while the spotlight turned onto this new addition. But when Treacle grew up, she spent much of her time, as cats do, exploring the nearby woods and fields and terrorising the local wildlife.

Poppy could sleep in peace again and take her pick from all her favourite resting places.

Then the kittens arrived and suddenly Poppy’s celebrity status was usurped.

Poppy with kittens

As the kittens got bigger and explored further, Poppy’s kingdom has been invaded. Whenever she wants to catch up on her beauty sleep, there is always a pesky cat somewhere – surrounding her and taking up strategic positions in rather worrying ways or settling down on the back of the chair or sofa, where Poppy could be pounced on any minute.

Often there is a curious paw from an emboldened kitten patting at her nose.

Jaffa and Poppy

Mostly our tolerant and sweet-natured dog doesn’t react, but there are limits. When Jaffa tries to nibble her nose or Zanzi bites her tail, she yelps loudly and there is a flurry of kittens leaping across the room to hide under the furniture.

Jaffa and Poppy2

And most outrageous of all, they have even been taking over her Blog!





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