25 Oct


We have a new house guest to stay for a week. Richie is a collie/retriever cross and has been trained as a guide dog for the blind. He is a lovely dog and very obedient, as you would expect, but didn’t quite make the stringent qualifications for a guide dog because of his barking (but we won’t mention that again as we don’t want him to feel unworthy!)

Poppy and Richie

Poppy has accepted him straight away and Richie has enjoyed running around with her (trying to keep up while Poppy is cruising, still in second gear), and walking through all the autumn leaves down to the woods.

Back at the house, our three cats are viewing him in somewhat differently ways. Treacle is looking hostile at yet another interloper in the house (it’s bad enough having to share it with her own pesky little upstart kittens). She is lying behind the sofa, probably planning an assault when an unsuspecting Richie is dozing off.

Zanzi is a little wary but watches him curiously from a safe vantage point at the top of a chair.

But our intrepid Lion King, Jaffa wants to meet and greet straight away. He marches straight up to Richie and demands an introduction.

It will take a day or two before they all settle down and mostly ignore each other. This is a house of sunshine and love, good food and many treats for our pets, so it’s worth sticking around.


Tara is also with us today, just for the day. There are far too many cats and dogs about for her liking, and nowhere near enough biscuits lying about for an opportunist little terrier. She has retreated to Poppy’s soft bed where she can remain undisturbed until tea-time.




One Response to “Richie”

  1. Linda Felton at 8:34 am #

    If I am crazy cat lady, you are crazy dog lady!!


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