27 Oct

A new day and another new house guest. Today, Dusty has arrived to stay for a month while his owners are off to the other side of the world. Dusty has not been well recently but has recovered with good veterinary care. He seems to be full of whippet beans today anyway, and is very pleased to see his old pal, Poppy, and meet a new playmate in Richie.


He is a bit exuberant for the cats though and chased Zanzi upstairs at one point, deaf to all commands for him to come back. Now dogs and cats pass each other warily in the house and a doggy nose getting too close is liable to get a smart cuff from an indignant feline paw.

But outside things are different and our two guest dogs seem to think chasing the cats is a good game. Jaffa mostly stands his ground but Zanzi is not so brave and scampers up a tree to safety (luckily she has now learned to get down again without assistance).

If you come in with tortoiseshell fur in your jaws, there’ll be trouble for you, Dusty!

Three dogs helping themselves to all the seats

After running around in the garden, they all pile into the kitchen and help themselves to all the available seating.  Make yourselves comfortable, you dogs – don’t worry about the owners!




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