30 Oct
Jaffa in basket


Our Lion King is not feeling so intrepid today.

Inside the house the cats have been quite at ease sharing the space with three dogs. So far, Richie has been a perfect house guest, polite and respectful of the other inhabitants. Jaffa strolls about weaving himself between Richie’s legs and rubs noses with him. Richie is usually more interested in playing with his toy rabbit which he carries everywhere with him.

Jaffa and Richie

Living life in peace

Jaffa is not so sure about Dusty, who is much more boisterous and liable to leap up and give chase at any sign of movement, but learned that if he stood his ground, or moved slowly and quietly, he would be left alone.

But this morning Dusty ran after him in the garden and Jaffa took flight, along with Zanzi and mother cat, Treacle, who was just turning up for breakfast. There was a streak of cats and whippet across the lawn before all three cats leapt into the bushes and we managed to grab Dusty to put him on a lead.

The greyhound racing instinct is obviously still very dominant, so no more free running in the garden for him while the cats are outside.


Picture of innocence

We found Treacle and Zanzi in the stable yard where they can find refuge in the hay barn but there was no sign of Jaffa for hours. Eventually he emerged, with pine-scented fur, from his hiding place in one of the conifers.

Back in the house he curls up in a basket high up on the windowsill, but every so often his head pops up like a jack-in-the-box while he checks for any sign of the hooligan dog. He is joined later by Zanzi, who cuddles up beside him, well away from marauding dogs. For a while all is peaceful …

Zanzi and Jaffa

Babes in the basket



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