Doggy Days

3 Nov

Dogs in woods

It’s been a brilliant weekend for the dogs. Lots of wonderful walks in the woods amongst the autumn leaves and beside the lake, all after a few dozen laps of our field as the whippets race neck and neck, and Richie pants along behind trying to keep up.

Dogs beside lake

Then they had a day out to Cirencester Park with Poppy’s friend, Tara, coming along too. They all enjoyed the soft springy turf of the grassy parkland – and of course the obligatory visit to the hot dog stall. Really it’s far too much for the dogs to have to put up with!

But probably a welcome break for the cats who could have freedom to walk about the house without coming face to face with any over-excitable dogs.

Four dogs in the park

Our guest retriever has gone home now. But you’re welcome back any time, Richie.


One Response to “Doggy Days”

  1. Sushi at 10:01 am #

    I miss the woods but I live by the seaside. My dogs love the sea, lucky they like to swim! 🙂


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