Dusty the Dustman Dog

9 Nov
Who ..me?

Who ..me?

There is a bit more peace in the house now that our catlets (they can no longer be called kittens) have learned to stand up to Dusty, our guest dog. Dusty waits for them to run but now they mostly just stalk past him and give him a disdainful biff on the nose if he tries to get too close.

We don’t fully trust him, particularly outside, and he still leaps every barrier to get upstairs, but we are not so nervous of a tragic outcome from his wild chasing.

Dusty watching Jaffa eat

Waiting for an opportunity

Dusty, however, is a shameless thief of food. Since arriving he has barely touched a biscuit from the tub of dog food that accompanied him.

Yet he will steal every scrap of food from Poppy’s bowl, from Richie’s whilst he was staying, and particularly from the cats’ bowls.

Dusty stealing cat food.


He is extremely agile and the unfortunate positioning of our kitchen furniture means that he can jump onto a sofa and straight up to the cats’ feeding station. If he can’t reach the bowl from here he just bounces up onto the worktop and stands with all four legs on it, helping himself to the leftovers.

After two weeks of shouting at him (and usually we remove the bowls before he has time to get there) he still seizes every opportunity. The lure of cat food obviously outweighs the reprimand he knows will follow. If there is no cat bowl to be found, he will then walk all around the worktops on his hind legs looking for a possible morsel.

He is not averse to trying to get food off the humans’ plates either.

Dusty on sofa

It was so worth it …

Luckily Poppy has not been learning any bad manners from him. She still politely waits her turn and is so tolerant she even allows Dusty to steal from her while she is eating.

Perhaps the whippet collars are a clue. Poppy’s collars feature hearts and poppies. Dusty’s pirate collar has skulls and crossbones. There’s a story there for the telling.

Dusty and Poppy

The Pirate and the Princess

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