The Lamb Thief

17 Nov

Dusty and PoppyDusty has stolen a lamb!

A dead one, luckily. Or more accurately a cooked one.

We have guests for dinner and have been cooking roast lamb with all the trimmings. Dusty is nearly delirious with the aroma of it. Given half a chance he would be thrusting his head into the Aga to get at it while still sizzling in the pan. As it is, he nearly trips us up on every journey from Aga to kitchen work top.

So after we have served our guests, we make sure to put the remainder of the lamb in the utility room, out of the way of avaricious doggy jaws.

During one of many trips to replenish our wine supplies, however, the door must have been left ajar, or perhaps not properly closed.

Suddenly Dusty trots in, a large hunk of lamb grasped firmly between his teeth and a great look of triumph on his face. What makes it worse is that the master doesn’t take the meat off him! Poppy, our own well-behaved dog, who wouldn’t think of stealing, is left salivating as she watches the thief drooling over his bounty and gulping down great chunks of the luscious joint.

Eventually we manage to prise it away from him and give Poppy a share of the remains.

But not long after, Dusty finds another prize: half a chocolate fudge cake placed high up on a shelf (but obviously not high enough!) We don’t actually see him eat it – this time he doesn’t risk transporting it to where he might have to share – but later we find the empty plate, licked clean, every crumb devoured. Thankfully the chunk he found was not drenched in rich chocolate sauce too or he might be feeling quite ill.

What a very good dinner party this has turned out to be for our guest dog. He has managed to eat more than all the rest of us put together.

No wonder he seems to be putting on weight during his stay here.






6 Responses to “The Lamb Thief”

  1. ann at 5:21 pm #

    it was lucky you had a professional dog trainer in your group as im sure he gave you the benefit of his experience


  2. Linda Felton at 6:55 pm #

    My lovely cat Audrey managed to lick up about a couple of inches of olive oil I had left out to roast tomatoes in. And it was extra virgin olive oil at that….


  3. Sushi at 12:06 pm #

    hahahhahaha that made me laugh and reminded me of how both my dogs have a similar story. Rustle, as a pup managed to jump on top of a decorated table half an hour before the guests were to arrive and ate my 4 year old son’s birthday cake. My son was devastated. And Pepper isn’t scared of the oven, pulled out burgers out while my husband turned his back just for a second to grab the plates. Cheeky things!!


    • poppychat at 11:16 pm #

      Oh your poor son – did he ever forgive Rustle? And was the dog sick?


  4. This is such a funny story. We had a similar issue with Cassie only it was at a friends house, she’d managed to leap onto the dining table and devour the roast lamb for dinner. Mortifying at the time but funny now.


    • poppychat at 11:15 pm #

      Oh my god! At least this was our own lamb, not one bought by friends. Didn’t realise Cassie was so athletic – the lure of food!


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