The Dark Art of Worktop Surfing

22 Nov

Zanzi and Dusty

We’ve learned there’s a name for Dusty’s foraging in our kitchen. It’s called the dark art of worktop surfing!

Apparently it is practised extensively (but not exclusively) by greyhounds, whippets and lurchers, whose long legs make it ideal for them to reach the worktop and shuffle round on their hind legs, hoovering up any carelessly placed morsels, or as in Dusty’s case, spring right up onto the top.

It must be confusing for him. Somehow cats are allowed up there to eat but he is not!

If he’s climbed up onto a worktop when we’re out of the room, he leaps down hurriedly when he hears footsteps, so he does know it’s naughty. But he does it anyway! Obviously the prize outweighs the scolding.

Dusty’s stay is coming to an end as he  goes home today to be reunited with his owners.

He may not have learned that worktops are taboo for dogs but at least harmony has been restored to the household where the cats are concerned.

After staying here for a month, he and the cats have finally become relaxed in each other’s company. Zanzi is so casual with him, she sometimes jumps right onto Dusty’s body when she climbs down from the top of the sofa, just as she does with Poppy.

Dusty and Zanzi

I wonder if he will remember next time he visits. Or will the cats have to teach him a lesson all over again.

Poppy will miss him although she may be glad to get her own bed back again …

Poppy and Dusty



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  1. Caroline Mitchelll at 7:20 am #

    What can I say!


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