Grumpy Mummy

26 Nov


Treacle can hardly bear to be in the same room as her offspring now.  If she is in the house and Jaffa or Zanzi comes too near her she begins a low rumbling growl which increases in intensity if they don’t back off.  If one of them approaches, she hisses and spits like a bonfire of damp wood.

It seems incredible but it would appear that she has completely forgotten who they are and is now exercising her territorial rights, furious that these two impostors are invading her space.

Gone is the soft, fluffy mummy who guarded her kittens so protectively and was always ready to roll over to feed and cuddle her babies. In her place is grumpy mummy, spitfire mummy, even wicked witch mummy.

The only time she will come near them is at feed times, and of course when there is the rustle of the Dreamies packet!


Jaffa and Zanzi are bemused by this new persona. They don’t run from her but are wary and sometimes just stare at their mother with bewilderment. Humans seem to be so much more reliable.

Having been handled since birth, they are both much more domesticated and affectionate than Treacle.


I think I’ll just hide away here where it’s safe…





One Response to “Grumpy Mummy”

  1. Michelle at 10:56 pm #

    I had a cat about 10 years ago that did the same thing with her kittens! But it was after they had stopped nursing.


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