Home Comforts

19 Dec

Treacle in haybarn

We have been away and the cats have become accustomed to being fed in the stable yard. We were rather afraid they might have turned feral in our absence. Treacle has always been a bit wild but the kittens seemed to much prefer the home comforts on offer.

Although we know that they have been looked after fantastically well by our wonderful friends who have cared for all our animals in our absence, there is a stampede of little paws racing up from the stable yard the moment they spot the lights coming into the drive. By the time we have come inside the house, all three cats are through the cat flap and lined up protesting that they haven’t been fed for a week. It only takes a quick glance at Jaffa to see that they are telling us lies.

Can this possibly be our little kitten who only a few short months ago fitted into the palm of our hand? He is HUGE. Zanzi looks much the same and is still kittenish, but Jaffa looks as if he has devoured an entire wildebeest in our absence! A Lion King indeed.

Even Treacle is tucking in with the others without any grumbling and growling for a change.

It doesn’t seem as if the young ones have spent too much time outside. Their beds are well worn with signs of recent occupancy so it seems they have sensibly been enjoying the relative warmth and safety of the house to sleep the hours away.

Before long, with happy tummies, Jaffa and Zanzi are back lying on their ‘his’ and ‘hers’ duvets on their bunk beds. But during the night they come to check on us constantly to make sure we are still there.


Meanwhile Poppy is back settled on one of her favourite beds. No stress there – she’s been spoiled rotten with so many lovely walks and trips out we thought she might not want to leave her second home. But she settles back seamlessly. As long as she has food, regular walks and lots of love bestowed on her she seems to be happy wherever she is.

Happy Poppy





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