A Pets Christmas

30 Dec

So this year we have four pets to spoil….

Cats in tree

Our Christmas tree went up late – on Christmas Eve – and we were fully expecting all three cats to leap into it. But after a few half-hearted pats at the low-hanging baubles and a couple of exploratory forays into the tub at the base, they seemed to lose interest and instead sought out places to lie and sleep instead.

Catlets in tree

After our trip away, the cats just seem to want to curl up on one of the warm comfy beds available.  Maybe it is partly due to the happy tummies filled up with a share of turkey as well as extra supplies of Dreamies.

Jaffa and Zanzi

More eager to wreck the Christmas decorations, Taz came to visit and within 30 seconds of her arrival had found her present under the tree. In a frenzy of excitement she knocked off baubles, tinsel and pine needles as she grabbed the parcel and tore the wrapping paper into a thousand pieces.


Next she chewed through the plastic with teeth that are obviously still sharp in her old age and broke into the delicious treats within. Well, delicious to a dog anyway – a packet of dried tripe is disgustingly offensive to the human nose, but the dogs all seem to love them and Taz would have probably munched her way through the entire pack if they had not been taken away from her.

Then she proceeded to try to chew her way into all the other presents under the tree, convinced that some of them would contain more doggy treats.


Poppy doesn’t need to break into the presents. She already gets far too many treats.

Let Taz take what she wants. I know there’ll be plenty more for me!





4 Responses to “A Pets Christmas”

  1. We had a similar issue with Cassie surprisingly, not Cody the food machine. She managed to dig out dog treats from the shopping bags before we’d wrapped them. Taz must have been sad to lose the treasure after all that hard work.


    • poppychat at 2:38 pm #

      Ah, the persistence of dogs when they smell treats! Thanks for visiting Poppy’s blog and happy new year.


  2. scarlybobs at 6:21 pm #

    Ah of course, dried tripe!

    Our pups love tripe sticks, they’re their favourites, but MAN do they stink!!


    • poppychat at 2:39 pm #

      Don’t they just! And the master ordered a bumper pack off the internet. They’ve been reassigned to the garage now. Thanks for visiting Poppy’s blog and happy new year.

      Liked by 1 person

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