Welcome Home

23 Jan

We have been away again, escaping the British winter. Poppy has been spoiled as usual by our lovely friends who live nearby and care for all our pets. It is so reassuring for us to know that she is safe, happy and loved in our absence.

Poppy is so at home in their house in fact that she sometimes just drops in to see them when we are out in the fields and she gets bored waiting for us to go somewhere. If their back door is open, she will run inside and help herself to their sofa, confident that she will be welcomed and not evicted. Taz has become used to her and no longer growls at this cheeky intruder.

Poppy on teddy bear rug

Once again the cats have been fed in the stable yard and they have been turning up at regular intervals for their rations of food, milk and Dreamies. They have had the use of the house too via the cat flap and have obviously been enjoying their home comforts in our absence.


When we arrive home, Jaffa emerges yawning from amongst the cushions where he has obviously been hiding from the recent vile weather. Treacle is curled up in a warm bed and, to our amazement, Zanzi has been allowed to join her. It’s obviously been cold without the usual warmth of the aga – enough for her to forgo her normal grumpiness.

Treacle and Zanzi

They are ecstatic to see us, and not just for food. All three cats have been winding themselves round our legs, rubbing their heads against us in a frenzy of purring and demanding to be cuddled and cossetted. Jaffa follows us around from room to room like a pet dog and squawks until we pick him up to make a fuss of him. Even Treacle has been welcoming us with much head-rubbing and purrs.

It is said that cats are not affectionate! We have had a rapturous welcome home from our furry beasts.





One Response to “Welcome Home”

  1. sabina ayne at 2:58 pm #

    Whoever said that cats were not affectionate obviously doesn’t speak cat.


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