Mollie and Gwen

8 Feb

Dogs on bed

Our new house guests are making themselves at home.

This time the cats are having to contend with not just one new dog, but two.

Mollie is elderly and deaf but both dogs are considerably more active than the large dogs we usually have to stay here. They are forever trotting about in the kitchen, looking for an affectionate ear-rub or hovering hopefully beside the treats cupboard!

Poppy is bewildered by such hyper-activity. After her long walk in the woods all she wants is to get her head down

Poppy asleep

The cats are wary at first and all bolt for cover when the new guests arrive but Jaffa is soon sniffing noses with the spaniels. Zanzi is relaxed about them as long as she is high up and the dogs are below her. But Treacle won’t go anywhere near them and has been hiding in the house or in the hay barn ever since they arrived.

Mollie and Gwen

When they do eventually lie down, these two are willing to share the same bed. That’s all right then!

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