Caring, Sharing Pets

18 Mar

Poppy and Pippin

Pippin is staying with us for another holiday and, as always, she slots seamlessly into our household.  All the cats are used to her now and sashay boldly past her or rub up against her long legs with as little concern as they show with Poppy.

Pippin loves playing and racing with Poppy. The way she is streaking around the garden and paddock, leaving Poppy trailing in her wake, you would never guess that one of her back legs had been shattered into hundreds of pieces just a few short months ago. How wonderful it is that modern veterinary treatment can achieve such miracles.

Poppy and Pippin

Although Poppy is very sociable and welcomes other dogs into her home, she accepts Pippin far more readily than any other dog who comes to stay. It is almost as if she believes Pippin is her little sister and she likes to look out for her.

When one goes outside, the other scrabbles frantically to join them, while in the house they curl up on the sofas together. Sometimes Poppy is even happy to occupy one of the beds on the floor while Pippin takes the prime location (a sofa next to one of the humans where much petting and pampering is provided.)

Poppy would never let any other dog, not even other whippets, take her place without any objections and she certainly would not watch them eat out of her bowl just inches from her nose without so much of a twitch of a nostril! Usually she is Diva Dog who wants to keep all the seats and her feed bowl to herself, but with Pippin she is unbelievably tolerant.

So it seems that Poppy and Pippin are truly a caring, sharing pair.

Poppy and Pippin









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