Hoppy Poppy

29 Mar


Poppy has dislocated a toe. It’s her front right paw and she seems to have had a weakness there for a while. This time she was brought up to an abrupt halt from mid-run with a yelp of pain, followed by a series of high-pitched whimpers. It was obviously very painful for her and she hopped back towards us, holding her paw up for inspection.

Now the vet has advised two months of complete rest. No running and racing with her friends, only short walks on a lead for calls of nature. Poor Poppy. It’s not what a ‘born to run’ whippet/lurcher is expecting to do.

Dogs in woods

But it could be worse. Poppy is very tolerant and she is not averse to a day of loafing around on the sofa even when her paws are perfectly fine!

She has adjusted without demur, lying stretched out in her favourite ‘cockroach’ pose, sore paw stretched up in the air, smooth tummy inviting a surfeit of petting and stroking from all her human fans.

Poppy resting

After the first few weeks, the vet has suggested using a protective boot to support her injured paw. We found these ones on ebay – perhaps a bit too bling even for a diva dog like Poppy! Does anyone have any recommendations for the best type to use?

pink boots

2 Responses to “Hoppy Poppy”

  1. ANDREA NOLAN at 6:03 pm #

    Just read poppy’s blog, awe poor princess, I love the paw boots. perhaps I should get one for Rob after his op!!! xx



  2. Poor Poppy, I do hope her paw gets better soon so that she can go back to running around with her friends.


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