Dancing with the Daffodils

8 Apr

Zanzi in the daffodils

The pets are all enjoying the sudden spring weather.  They have been scampering about in our wild garden and Zanzi loves to dance amongst the daffodils. She spins and leaps and twirls joyously amongst the colourful blooms with Jaffa behind her, dodging through the maze of flowers.

Sometimes all three cats are chasing each other through the colourful display.

Zanzi in wild garden

Meanwhile Poppy is being very sensible and not trying to race about with her sore toe. She loves basking in the warm sunshine and seems quite content to lie on a convenient pile of hay, while she watches us at work in the paddock.  As long as I don’t have to do anything …..

Poppy on hay

Later she is overjoyed when we get out the seat cushions for her favourite resting place outside: the swing seat. With one bound and a sigh of contentment, she settles down to soak up the last rays of the setting sun.

It’s a very pleasant dog’s life, even for one with a poorly paw.

Poppy on swing seat

Not to be left out if there’s slumping in a warm place on offer, the Lion King is more than happy to join in too.

Jaffa on swing seat





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