Days of Sun and Slumber

19 Apr

For the pets that is…. We’ve been slaving in the garden!

There’s always something that needs clearing, weeding, planting, painting, repairing or maintaining.

The pets all tumble around the garden, exploring any new places, checking out what we’re doing and jumping on all the tools, amazed that we want to work when there’s all this playing to be enjoyed.

Actually ‘want’ to work is a misdescription. Playing sounds much more appealing.

Zanzi and Jaffa

Eventually the pets get bored and retire to one of their many warm places to rest, worn out by having to watch so much activity.


Even Treacle has given herself up to purring in a soft comfy chair, sharing the warm conservatory with her annoying offspring.

Poppy swing

Poppy races out to the garden to take up her usual place soaking up the last rays of the day only to find her place has been usurped. There lying in lordly spendour, our Lion King is stretched out in gentle slumber.

Jaffa on swing seat

Poppy is outraged. But that’s my place!

Jaffa, of course, is unconcerned. He has no intention of moving, lying peacefully and purring in complete contentment. Actually it’s my place now.





One Response to “Days of Sun and Slumber”

  1. dontdoubtthedog at 12:15 am #

    Darn those cats.


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