Play with Fire

2 May

Horses in sun

After the long winter it’s so good to see the horses enjoying the sun on their backs without their warm winter woolies.

Zanzi in garden

The cats, too, are loving the warm days and the opportunity to explore the big playground of our garden. There are trees to climb and bushes to hide under, as well as all those outbuildings to investigate and roofs to scale.

Zanzi with Red

So why do they love to test out their nine lives by darting out into the paddocks at every opportunity? Zanzi, in particular, cannot resist playing with fire.

She scampers up to the horses and dashes under their bellies or weaves her way between their legs.

Zanzi with Jack

The horses are good-natured and wouldn’t deliberately tread on one of our other pets but they are flighty creatures, given to jumping sideways if suddenly alarmed.

So please watch those great clumping metal-clad hooves, Zanzi!




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