Birthday Kittens

8 May

One year old today! A full year since our kittens began hijacking Poppy’s blog and taking up more than their fair share of posts!

Treacle & kittens

This is how they arrived …


So tiny, they fitted into the palm of our hand…

Treacle with kittens

Mum Treacle was so proud she couldn’t stop purring …

Nervous Kittens

Cuddling up together for protection …

Jaffa & Zanzi

Too cute to ever be any trouble … yet!

Jaffa & Zanzi

and just too adorable for us to even think of parting with them.

Zanzi and Jaffa cuddled up

It’s hard to believe that it’s a whole year since these delightful furry beasts came into our lives and made us their slaves!

Now their little personalities are so firmly imprinted into our household we can’t imagine life without them.

Happy Birthday Jaffa and Zanzi. There may just be a Dreamy Cake waiting for you later!

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