No Room to Swing a Cat

18 Jun

Our Lion King is fast asleep in the warmth of a June evening. He has found a nice space on the swing seat to snooze the hours away.

Jaffa snoozing

Poppy comes bounding out to claim her place and, like one of the three bears, she finds that someone is sleeping in her bed!

Poppy and Jaffa

Where am I supposed to lie down?

This seat has always been her territory. Surely she doesn’t have to share it!

Jaffa is completely chilled though. There’s no fisticuffs there.


There’s room on my bed for two!

Eventually Poppy jumps up and lies down beside the Lion. Jaffa doesn’t do anything. He is the most tolerant and good-natured of our three cats.

He just carries on snoozing.

Poppy and Jaffa on swing seat

Long after Poppy has gone in for her supper, Jaffa is still on the seat, swinging away until the long rays of the sun finally disappear.







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