Cats’ Playground

29 Jun

Cats at play

Now that summer has arrived, the cats are spending more time outside exploring rather than looking for warm places to curl up in the house.

Jaffa in sweetcorn

The Lion King has found a good place to hide in his own jungle ……

Zanzi in tomato bed

Zanzi loves to help (or mostly hinder) with the gardening jobs. She is fascinated by the tomato plants in the greenhouse but luckily has not been climbing them (at least not when we’re around!)

Treacle on top of wall

Treacle is high up on top of our wall, surveying her kingdom. It’s a great look-out post. She can make sure she is not troubled by her pesky offspring or by any marauding dogs.




One Response to “Cats’ Playground”

  1. Adelina at 8:01 pm #

    Your dog and cats are lovely. Kryska’s cat has hurt his leg badly but the vet doesn’t know what is wrong. They have had to cancel their holiday because he can’t .go out for at least a week and is on medication. I had to take him to the vet. It was horrible as he was in so much pain.


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