Dog Trio

4 Jul

It’s holiday time again and we have two dogs staying with Poppy.

Three dogs

Fern is here for a week and has really bonded with the two whippets. They have all have been charging about together in our garden, the woods and beside the lake. Today they are all standing, gazing at the water and watching the fish.

Three dogs beside the lake

Pippin is staying for nearly three weeks. You would never know that her leg had been shattered in a road accident less than a year ago


Fern loves to dive into our pond and have a swim. Pippin normally hovers on the edge of any water, not wanting to get her feet wet but to our surprise she has splashed in after Fern. But it is very hot at the moment. The cool water must be very welcome.

Fern and Pippin in pond

Poppy is not tempted though. She’s happy to watch the others playing in the water. You won’t catch me going in there ….

Poppy & Zanzi

Chilling out with the cats is more her style.



One Response to “Dog Trio”

  1. noodle4president at 11:42 pm #

    Smart dog! I myself am antiwater but if you read my blog you will see that yesterday my mom tried to make me enjoy it. Yuck! *ear licks* Noodle


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