Puff the Magic Poppy Line

19 Aug

Poppy has had a special treat this weekend – a visit to the East Coast and a trip on the North Norfolk Railway called The Poppy Line!

Poppy Line Sign

She didn’t much like the noise of the steam train – all that hissing and puffing was too much for her sensitive diva ears (she was sure there was a dragon there somewhere) and she hid behind us on the platform until the train had screeched to a standstill.

Steam train coming in to station

She was a bit apprehensive getting on and off the train too – she was definitely going to ‘mind the gap’ as she delicately negotiated the space and manoeuvred her paws onto the step and into the train.

On the train floor

Then it was rather undignified journey on a blanket on the floor – a £1 doggy ticket being insufficient to procure a seat in the carriage.

Poppy enjoying a seat on the train

At least that’s what we thought until Poppy managed to charm her way into getting a more comfortable seat on the return journey.

After all, with her name and that special collar, she could be a mascot for the railway. Surely deserving of a complimentary seat.

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