27 Aug


Pippin has come to stay again for another holiday with Poppy. She has settled in easily again and we haven’t heard a peep out of her at night. Every morning she makes about fifty laps of our paddock (most of them with Poppy just watching – she’s doesn’t have the stamina to keep up) before settling down in a warm place in true ‘couch-potato’ whippet style for the rest of the day.
But this morning we woke up with an unfamiliar weight pressing against our legs. Jaffa has been eating far too many Dreamies, was my first thought as our affectionate ginger cat Jaffa often likes to join us in the night.
Then it was, Hello, that’s much too big a bulk even for Jaffa, and we sat up to find Pippin curled up at the end of the bed. She must have either jumped over or slipped under the dog gates on the stairs and crept silently up to our room.
Poppy on sofa
Poppy was still asleep in the kitchen – she must wonder why all the other beasts are allowed upstairs when she isn’t. But the one time she slept on our bed she took up so much room in the middle with her legs stretched out that there was no room for us at all!
To keep everything fair, it will be back to the kitchen for Pippin tonight. There are plenty of other soft places in our house for whippets to rest their long legs.


One Response to “Pippin”

  1. lyndyh at 7:32 am #

    Clever Pippen!


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