Thomas takes centre stage

22 Sep


Our friends have a new puppy – a cute as a teddy bear little bundle of a Welsh Terrier called Thomas.

Thomas is now allowed out to visit other dogs and is desperate to make friends. He bounds into our house and jumps onto all our laps, full of friendly licks. He loves attention and is ecstatic at having his tummy tickled. Now to make friends with Poppy.

But Poppy is having none of it. She doesn’t want a pesky puppy disturbing her on her bed and when Thomas, oblivious of her displeasure, jumps up next to her, Poppy is not at all impressed.

Instead of holding her ground, she jumps down and curls up in a bed on the floor where she lies with her head on her paws looking thoroughly fed up and watches Thomas suspiciously from under half-closed eyes.

She reacted much the same when she first met another whippet puppy, Lara in June. Instead of interacting as we expected she refused to engage at all and found a quiet place to hide instead.

She is still sociable with her old friends, especially Pippin whom she adores.  But puppies! She can’t cope with all the exuberance and the way they insist on taking centre stage.

Poppy sulking




One Response to “Thomas takes centre stage”

  1. definitionsofagoodlife September 23, 2015 at 7:37 am #

    Oh my he is absolutely adorable.


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