The Tinsel Thief

4 Dec

The start of Christmas preparations. Anticipating lively interference from our new kitty, we thought it best to shut him in the kitchen while we decorated the tree. For the next ten minutes we endured a pitiful wailing that increased in volume the longer he was kept away from us and whatever he was missing out on. Eventually, unable to ignore his cries any longer, we opened the door.

And so the mission began – to strip that tree naked! First Rafa batted at the baubles, jumping up into branches and managing to dislodge enough of them for him to chase under every piece of available furniture. Then he grabbed the tinsel and tugged it free before giving it a good thrashing with his back legs and setting off with it at a gallop through the house, in and out of doors, up and down the stairs, long streams of tinsel streaking out behind him like the tail of a comet.

Well what did we expect!

Finally, exhausted from all this amazing fun, he flopped back down with his friend Poppy, leaving a trail of glittering debris. And what could be more fun for us than dressing the tree all over again!


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