The Great Cat Flap Mystery

7 Dec

Rafa is still determined to play with Zanzi and Treacle and is not at all phased by their total disregard for him. It’s interesting they should only tolerate his company when they are feeding (even though they would probably be fighting for food in the wild). Rafa moves in close to watch. But as soon as they have finished eating, they usually go straight back outside away from his bothersome chasing and pouncing.

And there lies the mystery!

Where have they gone? One minute they are there, then there’s a rattle, a disappearing tail, and … nothing.

He peers under the sofa where he last saw them run but it looks like just a blank wall. Then he checks out his playhouse. No cats in here.

Where can they have gone?
He so much wanted to play.

Not long now, Rafa, not long till you can go out too!


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