Try, try again

11 Dec

Rafa has been with us for 8 weeks today and has grown from this tiny bundle:

to this:
Stretched out his legs can now span Poppy’s bed (he doesn’t bother with his own smaller bed – much more fun to take over the dog’s). But long as those legs are already, they are not yet strong enough to let him leap to the heights he aspires to.

When Treacle and Zanzi want to get out of the way of guest dogs who call, or just want a bit of undisturbed peace, they find refuge at the top of our kitchen cupboards. They have started to take refuge there from Rafa too!

How did she get up there? Rafa is desperate to join Treacle.

He tries to climb the cupboards, makes a few futile leaps and springs ever higher. But it’s nowhere high enough. Wailing in frustration, he tries again, bouncing off the doors and crashing down in an untidy heap on the worktop. Once or twice he careers right to the floor, incorporating an impressive backward somersault or two.

Not at all deterred, he clambers straight back onto the worktop via a conveniently placed sofa and looks for another route. Is there a way up through the tiny gap at the back?

You’ll just have to wait till those legs grow a bit stronger, Rafa.

Meanwhile Treacle continues to stare down at him. Menacing? Patronising? Smug? Perhaps a bit of all these. When he does manage to leap high enough, we suspect an angry paw swipe may send him reeling back down before he’s even made contact with the top.

At least Poppy still likes his company. He’s safe with her.

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