Rafa Gets a Reprieve

7 Jan

Two days ago, Rafa was his normal effervescent self, racing through the house, playing with Poppy and his toys, helping to take the decorations down. He found unwinding the tinsel from the tree just as much fun as when it was being twirled into the branches before Christmas.

He’s nearly 5 months old now so we made the call to the vet to book him in for the operation that all boy cats must go through if we don’t want them prowling the neighbourhood and yowling for kitty girlfriends to join them behind the bushes.

The operation was booked for Wednesday but this morning Rafa was completely out of sorts. Poppy was quite worried and tried to nudge him out of his lethargy.

Having previously looked to refuel with a tasty bowlful of chow every couple of hours, Rafa was not interested in eating. He refused breakfast and went straight to his bed where he spent most of the day, either fast asleep or very subdued.

By late afternoon, with no improvement, we took him to see the vet. He was quiet again in the car, with only a couple of hardly audible mews on the journey instead of his usual wails of protest at being confined in the pet carrier.

The vet found a slightly raised temperature and gave him an anti-inflammatory injection to help reduce any infection. But he clearly was not well enough to undergo surgery this week so his operation has been cancelled for at least ten days.

By the time we reached home he’d already cheered up. He tucked straight into a plate of tuna fish and has been much more chirpy this evening. Was it just the veterinary treatment, we wonder, or was it perhaps that good news he overheard?


One Response to “Rafa Gets a Reprieve”

  1. Judith Kelman at 12:28 pm #

    A visit to the Vet can often bring miraculous results, even when they don’t do anything 🙂

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