The Great Bed Swap

21 Jan

Ever since he joined us as a tiny kitten, this has been Rafa’s own special bed. And he seemed to think he had exclusive rights. Never mind that he chooses to curl up in everyone else’s from time to time, this is definitely his favourite.

But now he’s found Treacle in it. ‘Who’s that sleeping in my bed?’ Rafa is outraged.

He goes to try Poppy’s bed. But that one’s occupied by Zanzi.

Perhaps if he waits a little while…?

Instead Poppy arrives to claim her bed again. It’s bed swapping time all round again.

Zanzi has gone off to hide away in one of her secret places upstairs  And now Treacle has vacated Rafa’s bed. So he’s soon slumbering in his favourite bed again.

Having sorted out the problem, Poppy goes back to the luxury she is more accustomed to. Dog beds on the floor are for losers!



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