Little Drummer Boy

4 Feb

Our little Rafa boy has been causing us heart palpitations again. Yesterday he went missing for nearly the whole day. He normally only goes outside for half an hour or so and then comes in to eat and crash out by the Aga or play with his friend Poppy before he ventures out again.

We last saw him mid morning running around the garden and climbing trees with Zanzi (now he’s got the hang of it). By lunchtime when he hadn’t returned we were starting to get worried and searched the garden and all our outbuildings. No sign of him. An hour later we went out again and spent all afternoon checking the stables, the sheds, peering into the conifers and, with increasing dread, into ponds, the horses’ water troughs and everywhere else that could be a hazard to a young cat who has been getting too bold for his own good.

Feeling increasingly frantic, we checked the lane, combed fields and woods. We couldn’t believe it – another ginger cat gone missing. Not again. Our hearts couldn’t stand it. By 5 pm and feeling sick to our stomachs, we checked the outbuildings one more time and there in the master’s drum studio that we’d looked in three times already we found him!

Usually if he’s shut in anywhere by mistake he wails loudly and shoots back out as soon as a door is opened. There must have been so many places to explore here: hiding behind all the instruments, climbing inside the drums – surely this studio was specially set up as a cat’s adventure playground.He hadn’t made a sound when we looked in earlier.

Now having had so much time to practise, he surely has a future in a cat rock band.!

But after six hours locked away he was keen to get back to the house for a good munch and the chance to settle down with Poppy again.

And time for a glass of wine for us to settle our nerves. Another day survived!

2 Responses to “Little Drummer Boy”

  1. lyndyh at 9:19 pm #

    Fab pics — Raffa, you’re a little tinker!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Judith Kelman at 12:22 pm #

    Oh gosh! So many of those horrible moments. I send angels out with my two every morning with requests to bring them back safely. 🙂 They worry me to death sometimes. If you don’t want worry, don’t have children or pets!

    Liked by 1 person

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