Here, There and Everywhere

27 Feb

Rafa is doing his best to explore every corner of our house and garden. If it’s new he must check it out, sniff it, eat it, climb up or into it, even if it’s a pair of jeans destined for the wash basket. 

Outside, climbing trees is no longer a problem for him.

He seems to be on a mission to scale every one of the trees in our garden, although the ones with straight trunks usually mean coming down a lot faster than those with a more accommodating slant.

Then there are all the bushes to hide behind and gates to climb, where he can survey his territory or pounce on our other pets.

The stable yard is a whole new playground for him.

All the eaves and rafters must somehow be reached and investigated.

Back at ground level he can hide in the straw in the stables …

Or hitch a ride in amongst the muck in the wheelbarrow …

And if he gets bored with all of that, there’s always a handy swing to set in motion.



2 Responses to “Here, There and Everywhere”

  1. Linda A Felton at 9:18 am #

    Inquisitive like his mum!!!


  2. Judith Kelman at 11:34 am #

    Love the first two pics. I had a cat who liked to sleep or roll in, particularly men’s, clothes awaiting the wash! They all love the smell of shoes of course!! Also dog beds are good places to roll.

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