The Pinnacle of Ambition

10 Apr

Ambitions are high for Rafa. Since he’s been finding it easy to get to the top of the kitchen cupboards he’s up there nearly every day. It’s a particularly useful place to weigh up his safety options when dogs  that are not as affable as Poppy come visiting. But sometimes the place Rafa wants to get to is already occupied. And he’s not at all sure he’ll be a welcome companion …

Later he spies Zanzi again, this time at the top of a tall book cabinet. Hmm, how did she get up there?

I can do that too, he thinks. Once Zanzi has moved on to a new resting place, he tries it out for himself. Floor to coffee table, to small bookcase, to top of cabinet. Three bounds and he’s free! Or at least he’s at the top, looking very pleased with himself.

And now Rafa is outside, attempting his own Everest. No other cats to show him the way for this one. Somehow he’s managed to find a way onto the greenhouse roof.

Then it’s a full exploration of roofs and glass and gutters. But eventually he manages to reach the summit. Pity he doesn’t have a flag to attach to the pinnacle.

It’s slippery up there though and no easy routes for the descent. After trying out several possibilities it turns out to be a skiddy slide on his rump down the roofing glass – a bit like tobogganing except he has no sled – and then an ungainly tumble. But fortunately it’s only into the vegetable bed. And there are no spiky plants or bamboo canes there yet!

After a full day’s climbing it’s time for a well-earned nap.

Now I’m absolutely plum-tuckered. So just leave me alone to sleep.

One Response to “The Pinnacle of Ambition”

  1. Celia Harper at 9:11 pm #

    amazing pics Val! Missed you at Claire’s book launch – will be around next week with grandchildren sleepover xx >


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