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Jaffa Gone

21 Mar

Jaffa has been missing for 8 days now. We have scoured the woods and fields, gone house to house asking people to check sheds and garages, put up countless posters, advertised through Cats Protection and Facebook. Still no news.

JaffaIt’s so unlike our comfort-loving little ginger chap to leave behind his favourite places to lie in the sun and the supply of Dreamies on demand.

Jaffa snoozingWhy would a cat leave behind a garden full of trees to climb, stables to hunt in and endless places to explore, in order to go off, rucksack slung over his shoulder, to seek new adventures?

JaffaWe are wondering if he might have climbed into a vehicle and then jumped out, to find himself in unfamiliar territory. Is he now out there somewhere – a little boy lost, alone, frightened and hungry?


A message from all: Poppy, Treacle, Zanzi and (especially) us – We miss you terribly.

So Jaffa, if you are reading this:   PLEASE COME HOME!


Pot Luck

23 Jan

The furry purries have been walking warily in the recent freeze. The frosty mornings have meant their paws stick to the patio and the drive – not a nice sensation at all.

Zanzi tries walking on tiptoe and snatches her paws up high in a kind of dressage movement for cats. She has a quick tour of the garden but she’s soon back in her favourite bed by the Aga. Brrr, too cold to stay out long in this. I’ll just let my paws thaw out here.

Zanzi relaxing

Jaffa has been investigating the open fire, but the hissing and spitting of wet logs makes him back off.


The most challenging thing is finding a suitable place for performing their toilet. Digging up the frozen earth is not an option and we’ve forgotten to put out a litter tray.

But what luck! Jaffa’s found a pot to pee in. He’s tried a few for size. The first one’s too big and the second one’s too small, but this one is just perfect.





14 Jan




Life is amazing

7 Jan

Life is amazing

So true for all of us humans.

For our pets, though, the ‘awful’ seems to have bypassed them ….

And surely that’s just the way it should be!

Jaffa relaxing

Breathe in






Life is amazing!




One of those ‘Oh f***’ moments

30 Sep

Pippin and Zanzi

Pippin and Zanzi are enjoying a bit of Indian summer. They are lying in the warm grass in the paddock trying to stare each other out. Zanzi knows that if she moves fast, Pippin will chase her. So she just lies there with a challenging look and Pippin watches and waits.

Horses on their way

Suddenly their attention is diverted by the appearance of our two horses moving up the paddock. They are wearing their scary masks (they keep the flies from crawling into their eyes – a torment for all horses in the warm months and are made of netting).  The horses are only walking at this moment but they could break into a gallop at any time.

Zanzi and Pippin watch them for a few frozen seconds. The horses are bearing down on them curious to see what is in their paddock. For our small pets, it is one of those ‘Oh f***’ moments! They seem to have the same thought at the exact same time. Time to beat a very hasty exit.  They turn and flee in unison.

Thomas takes centre stage

22 Sep


Our friends have a new puppy – a cute as a teddy bear little bundle of a Welsh Terrier called Thomas.

Thomas is now allowed out to visit other dogs and is desperate to make friends. He bounds into our house and jumps onto all our laps, full of friendly licks. He loves attention and is ecstatic at having his tummy tickled. Now to make friends with Poppy.

But Poppy is having none of it. She doesn’t want a pesky puppy disturbing her on her bed and when Thomas, oblivious of her displeasure, jumps up next to her, Poppy is not at all impressed.

Instead of holding her ground, she jumps down and curls up in a bed on the floor where she lies with her head on her paws looking thoroughly fed up and watches Thomas suspiciously from under half-closed eyes.

She reacted much the same when she first met another whippet puppy, Lara in June. Instead of interacting as we expected she refused to engage at all and found a quiet place to hide instead.

She is still sociable with her old friends, especially Pippin whom she adores.  But puppies! She can’t cope with all the exuberance and the way they insist on taking centre stage.

Poppy sulking



Cats’ Playground

29 Jun

Cats at play

Now that summer has arrived, the cats are spending more time outside exploring rather than looking for warm places to curl up in the house.

Jaffa in sweetcorn

The Lion King has found a good place to hide in his own jungle ……

Zanzi in tomato bed

Zanzi loves to help (or mostly hinder) with the gardening jobs. She is fascinated by the tomato plants in the greenhouse but luckily has not been climbing them (at least not when we’re around!)

Treacle on top of wall

Treacle is high up on top of our wall, surveying her kingdom. It’s a great look-out post. She can make sure she is not troubled by her pesky offspring or by any marauding dogs.