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The Great Cat Flap Mystery

7 Dec

Rafa is still determined to play with Zanzi and Treacle and is not at all phased by their total disregard for him. It’s interesting they should only tolerate his company when they are feeding (even though they would probably be fighting for food in the wild). Rafa moves in close to watch. But as soon as they have finished eating, they usually go straight back outside away from his bothersome chasing and pouncing.

And there lies the mystery!

Where have they gone? One minute they are there, then there’s a rattle, a disappearing tail, and … nothing.

He peers under the sofa where he last saw them run but it looks like just a blank wall. Then he checks out his playhouse. No cats in here.

Where can they have gone?
He so much wanted to play.

Not long now, Rafa, not long till you can go out too!



Cats and Chaos

7 Feb

It’s chaos here – the kitchen has been stripped out ready for refurbishing and our furry beasts are bewildered. Where is the feeding station? And the chairs and sofas and beds put out for their every comfort?DSCN0629There’s dust and disorder and drilling from dawn till dusk. and now the cat flap has been sealed off to stop the cats from coming in to walk onto the smoothing compound laid ready for tiling.

No wonder that Jaffa has been spotted, suitcase in paws, marching down the drive!DSCN0616And now, to add insult to injury, another guest dog has arrived to stay for the weekend. Yet more disruption to their lives.

Poppy looks resigned. She knows that Fern will bound about, crash into her with rugby style tackles as they race round the paddock, and steal all her toys from her basket in the house. Best just to stay here, keeping her place on the sofa in the living room.DSCN0613Jaffa and Zanzi scoot under the furniture. This is all too much! And to make matters worse, it’s raining outside – again!DSCN0599Treacle is not bothered. She can see Fern off any time she likes. And from up here she can survey any marauding dogs with her usual disdain.

One week of chaos survived – only another three to go before the pet palace will be ready for use again!



And Then There Were Seven …

18 Feb
Dogs by gate

Waiting for their walk

Poppy’s whippet friend, Pippin has now arrived to spend a week with us. She has had the all-clear from the vet after her broken leg and is keen to demonstrate how well it’s mended by racing Poppy in the paddock.

But after a few laps, we put her on the lead. We don’t want her to put too much pressure on the ligaments that are still healing. And once back in the house she is more than happy to share Poppy’s bed for a nice long rest.

Poppy and Pippin

We still have Mollie and Gwen although they sleep in beds on the floor. But it’s a bit crowded in the kitchen and every morning we are greeted by a tidal wave of pets all demanding their breakfast at the same time.

Danzi with dogs

And the biggest bed goes to …

The cats have chilled out and learnt to live with all the different dogs coming into their home. They especially love to exert their superiority by stealing the dogs’ beds.

They can always scuttle out through the cat-flap if they feel too many inquisitive noses coming their way.

It’s a pity we don’t have a dog-flap to allow the spaniels out, given the number of times they want to go outside. Mollie, particularly, seems to need to fertilise the garden every hour or so, but then she is a senior citizen amongst the dogs. She is allowed to have some extra requirements.