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Cats and Chaos

7 Feb

It’s chaos here – the kitchen has been stripped out ready for refurbishing and our furry beasts are bewildered. Where is the feeding station? And the chairs and sofas and beds put out for their every comfort?DSCN0629There’s dust and disorder and drilling from dawn till dusk. and now the cat flap has been sealed off to stop the cats from coming in to walk onto the smoothing compound laid ready for tiling.

No wonder that Jaffa has been spotted, suitcase in paws, marching down the drive!DSCN0616And now, to add insult to injury, another guest dog has arrived to stay for the weekend. Yet more disruption to their lives.

Poppy looks resigned. She knows that Fern will bound about, crash into her with rugby style tackles as they race round the paddock, and steal all her toys from her basket in the house. Best just to stay here, keeping her place on the sofa in the living room.DSCN0613Jaffa and Zanzi scoot under the furniture. This is all too much! And to make matters worse, it’s raining outside – again!DSCN0599Treacle is not bothered. She can see Fern off any time she likes. And from up here she can survey any marauding dogs with her usual disdain.

One week of chaos survived – only another three to go before the pet palace will be ready for use again!




Claws of Mass Destruction

8 Aug

Treacle using her claws

Treacle may look very cute but when she’s in a hyper-active mood our naughty Tortie manages to create a lot of chaos.

She can race across the room and scrabble up a trouser leg in a split second. Those lethal claws are raking across flesh before we even have time to yell ‘Ouch!’ In the mornings she likes to come into the bedroom and dive under the duvet. The master gets very nervous – with some justification!

And she uses her claws to great effect in exerting power over her canine companions. She has learned that Poppy will back away when she raises an aggressive paw.

Treacle and Poppy

I’m the boss, just remember that!

The claws are also useful for pulling clothes off chairs, books off shelves and rubbish out of waste bins. She scatters piles of CDs and tries to shred paperwork left on desks for later attention.  Her latest trick is to dive into the houseplants and dig up the soil, sending it spraying in all directions and covering our hall with a fine layer of compost. We’ve had to resort to adding sprigs of holly to the base of the plants to deter her! But what will those claws of mass destruction turn to next?

Plant pots disturbed