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Poppy Bride

19 Feb

Pippin has been staying with us for a few days. Her owner forgot to leave her coat when she was dropped off but she is so skinny that when we tried one of Poppy’s coats on her, we could have wrapped the belly strap round her twice – we had to fasten it with duck tape.

Yet Pippin races about happily and rarely finishes her bowl of food, so she’s obviously not hungry. She’s a naturally skinny little whippet and we’re just used to Poppy’s well-upholstered frame.

DSCN0646After their walk, the noise of drilling and hammering from the kitchen fitters is continuing and both dogs take refuge in the conservatory, where for once it is warm from the welcome winter sun.

Poppy dives under the cover on the sofa. This makes good ear-muffs. Pippin is fascinated by the white veil. Is that you in there, Poppy?



Fair Weather Pets

8 Oct

It may be raining outside … but the pets have all found comfy cosy places to lie in the warmth of the conservatory.

Poppy and Jaffa

Even our stable cat, Treacle, is gracing us with her presence. Recently she has been re-establishing her independence now that her kittens are nearly full grown and she has been keeping well away from them. But today the vile weather outside and the lure of the conservatory means she is prepared to tolerate her teenagers.

Trio of cats

This afternoon Jaffa and Zanzi are not displaying any teenage high spirits. They have settled in their favourite hiding places on the back of chairs to sleep.


But like Goldilocks, they like to try out all the chairs for comfort.

Zanzi and Jaffa

And check up on what mum’s doing …Zanzi and Treacle

April Cool

3 Apr

It may be -4 outside but the sun is already fully on our conservatory and within a couple of hours it warms to the temperature of a tropical beach. Poppy comes in from her walk in the bitter easterly wind and makes a dash for the warm room she knows awaits her. She tears through the conservatory door and in one bound she is in the centre of the sofa. She lies on her back and stretches out, wriggling in ecstasy and exposing the full length of her tummy to the rays of the sun. Ahhh this is the life!  Who can blame her? We feel like joining her ourselves.

Poppy in conservatory

Enjoying the sun

As the sun moves round, so does Poppy, trying out the chairs for the best place to soak up the last rays of the sun.

Poppy soaking up the skin

Even Toots has found somewhere warmer still than the Aga and is purring with pleasure. More sun, please, to help him in his last days.

Tootsie sunbathing


15 Jul

Like all whippets, Poppy loves to seek out warm places to lie down and rest. Although we haven’t seen much sun in the garden this year, it is nearly always warm in the conservatory and is a perfect place to sit even when it’s raining outside. As soon as she comes in from her walk, Poppy makes straight for this room and stretches out on the sofa. On the rare occasions when the sun comes out it’s almost unbearably hot but still she lies there in her own doggy sunbathing paradise. Bad summer … what bad summer?

Poppy in sunbathing mode