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Pot Luck

23 Jan

The furry purries have been walking warily in the recent freeze. The frosty mornings have meant their paws stick to the patio and the drive – not a nice sensation at all.

Zanzi tries walking on tiptoe and snatches her paws up high in a kind of dressage movement for cats. She has a quick tour of the garden but she’s soon back in her favourite bed by the Aga. Brrr, too cold to stay out long in this. I’ll just let my paws thaw out here.

Zanzi relaxing

Jaffa has been investigating the open fire, but the hissing and spitting of wet logs makes him back off.


The most challenging thing is finding a suitable place for performing their toilet. Digging up the frozen earth is not an option and we’ve forgotten to put out a litter tray.

But what luck! Jaffa’s found a pot to pee in. He’s tried a few for size. The first one’s too big and the second one’s too small, but this one is just perfect.