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Jaffa Gone

21 Mar

Jaffa has been missing for 8 days now. We have scoured the woods and fields, gone house to house asking people to check sheds and garages, put up countless posters, advertised through Cats Protection and Facebook. Still no news.

JaffaIt’s so unlike our comfort-loving little ginger chap to leave behind his favourite places to lie in the sun and the supply of Dreamies on demand.

Jaffa snoozingWhy would a cat leave behind a garden full of trees to climb, stables to hunt in and endless places to explore, in order to go off, rucksack slung over his shoulder, to seek new adventures?

JaffaWe are wondering if he might have climbed into a vehicle and then jumped out, to find himself in unfamiliar territory. Is he now out there somewhere – a little boy lost, alone, frightened and hungry?


A message from all: Poppy, Treacle, Zanzi and (especially) us – We miss you terribly.

So Jaffa, if you are reading this:   PLEASE COME HOME!


A Night on the Tiles

2 Sep
Treacle prowls on the roof

Looking for Trouble

We have just found Treacle!  She has been out all night and we have had another night of disturbed sleep worrying that she has fallen in a pond again or been attacked by a fox.

Aptly named (as someone pointed out, she is always getting into sticky situations!) Treacle darts through every open door and climbs onto every dangerous parapet. It’s as if she wants to test the limits of each new experience.

Treacle on the roof

She has been on the roof, climbing up the tiles (and then slithering inelegantly down to the gutter) and she has walked around the precarious edge of a high up balcony wall. She has jumped to the top of the porch and then leapt to the concrete paving below.

She walks onto the netting stretched across the top of the pond and tries to claw her way through it. She stares down at the fish, I’d like to get in there with you.

She is on a mission to climb every tree in the garden.  Hopefully she won’t attempt the tall oak, the one from which the pet owl had to be rescued by the fire brigade.

Treacle in the trees

Tree cat

So when she didn’t turn up (again) last night, we checked all her favourite haunts, inside and out.

This morning there was still no sign of her. She has only spent one night outside before  and then she scampered back for breakfast as soon as she was called.  Today we searched and searched. She was eventually tracked down by the dogs – locked inside the master’s model railway studio at the end of the garden, where she must have sneaked in unobserved.  What a fascinating night she must have spent examining all the trains!