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Poppy Bride

19 Feb

Pippin has been staying with us for a few days. Her owner forgot to leave her coat when she was dropped off but she is so skinny that when we tried one of Poppy’s coats on her, we could have wrapped the belly strap round her twice – we had to fasten it with duck tape.

Yet Pippin races about happily and rarely finishes her bowl of food, so she’s obviously not hungry. She’s a naturally skinny little whippet and we’re just used to Poppy’s well-upholstered frame.

DSCN0646After their walk, the noise of drilling and hammering from the kitchen fitters is continuing and both dogs take refuge in the conservatory, where for once it is warm from the welcome winter sun.

Poppy dives under the cover on the sofa. This makes good ear-muffs. Pippin is fascinated by the white veil. Is that you in there, Poppy?



One of those ‘Oh f***’ moments

30 Sep

Pippin and Zanzi

Pippin and Zanzi are enjoying a bit of Indian summer. They are lying in the warm grass in the paddock trying to stare each other out. Zanzi knows that if she moves fast, Pippin will chase her. So she just lies there with a challenging look and Pippin watches and waits.

Horses on their way

Suddenly their attention is diverted by the appearance of our two horses moving up the paddock. They are wearing their scary masks (they keep the flies from crawling into their eyes – a torment for all horses in the warm months and are made of netting).  The horses are only walking at this moment but they could break into a gallop at any time.

Zanzi and Pippin watch them for a few frozen seconds. The horses are bearing down on them curious to see what is in their paddock. For our small pets, it is one of those ‘Oh f***’ moments! They seem to have the same thought at the exact same time. Time to beat a very hasty exit.  They turn and flee in unison.


27 Aug


Pippin has come to stay again for another holiday with Poppy. She has settled in easily again and we haven’t heard a peep out of her at night. Every morning she makes about fifty laps of our paddock (most of them with Poppy just watching – she’s doesn’t have the stamina to keep up) before settling down in a warm place in true ‘couch-potato’ whippet style for the rest of the day.
But this morning we woke up with an unfamiliar weight pressing against our legs. Jaffa has been eating far too many Dreamies, was my first thought as our affectionate ginger cat Jaffa often likes to join us in the night.
Then it was, Hello, that’s much too big a bulk even for Jaffa, and we sat up to find Pippin curled up at the end of the bed. She must have either jumped over or slipped under the dog gates on the stairs and crept silently up to our room.
Poppy on sofa
Poppy was still asleep in the kitchen – she must wonder why all the other beasts are allowed upstairs when she isn’t. But the one time she slept on our bed she took up so much room in the middle with her legs stretched out that there was no room for us at all!
To keep everything fair, it will be back to the kitchen for Pippin tonight. There are plenty of other soft places in our house for whippets to rest their long legs.


Born to Run

12 Jul


Running whippets

Not much evidence of Poppy’s dislocated toe or Pippin’s broken leg as they flash across the paddock.

Running whippets

Fern joins in but she can’t keep up with the whippets

Pippin and Fern



Wake me up at tea-time


It’s just so warm and comfortable here





Dog Trio

4 Jul

It’s holiday time again and we have two dogs staying with Poppy.

Three dogs

Fern is here for a week and has really bonded with the two whippets. They have all have been charging about together in our garden, the woods and beside the lake. Today they are all standing, gazing at the water and watching the fish.

Three dogs beside the lake

Pippin is staying for nearly three weeks. You would never know that her leg had been shattered in a road accident less than a year ago


Fern loves to dive into our pond and have a swim. Pippin normally hovers on the edge of any water, not wanting to get her feet wet but to our surprise she has splashed in after Fern. But it is very hot at the moment. The cool water must be very welcome.

Fern and Pippin in pond

Poppy is not tempted though. She’s happy to watch the others playing in the water. You won’t catch me going in there ….

Poppy & Zanzi

Chilling out with the cats is more her style.



Pippin Goes Home

27 Mar

Poppy & Pippin

Pippin has gone home again and now there’s a whippet-shaped gap in our household.


Poppy is going to missing her racing companion. She has been looking round for her friend, but at least she has her sofa back.

Pippin on sofa

The master has his chair back too now. With dogs and cats on every available comfortable seat he has been sitting on a canvas camping chair in the kitchen! Who is really the master here?



Caring, Sharing Pets

18 Mar

Poppy and Pippin

Pippin is staying with us for another holiday and, as always, she slots seamlessly into our household.  All the cats are used to her now and sashay boldly past her or rub up against her long legs with as little concern as they show with Poppy.

Pippin loves playing and racing with Poppy. The way she is streaking around the garden and paddock, leaving Poppy trailing in her wake, you would never guess that one of her back legs had been shattered into hundreds of pieces just a few short months ago. How wonderful it is that modern veterinary treatment can achieve such miracles.

Poppy and Pippin

Although Poppy is very sociable and welcomes other dogs into her home, she accepts Pippin far more readily than any other dog who comes to stay. It is almost as if she believes Pippin is her little sister and she likes to look out for her.

When one goes outside, the other scrabbles frantically to join them, while in the house they curl up on the sofas together. Sometimes Poppy is even happy to occupy one of the beds on the floor while Pippin takes the prime location (a sofa next to one of the humans where much petting and pampering is provided.)

Poppy would never let any other dog, not even other whippets, take her place without any objections and she certainly would not watch them eat out of her bowl just inches from her nose without so much of a twitch of a nostril! Usually she is Diva Dog who wants to keep all the seats and her feed bowl to herself, but with Pippin she is unbelievably tolerant.

So it seems that Poppy and Pippin are truly a caring, sharing pair.

Poppy and Pippin