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Still Missing

30 Mar

JaffaDay 17 and there is still no sign of Jaffa. It’s hard not to despair. Our other pets sense something is wrong too.

DSCN0699Poppy and Pippin have been helping us to scour the woods. But where amongst the thousands of trees do we stop looking?

DSCN0690Zanzi has been walking around the top of our wall where she has a panoramic view of the garden and all the surrounding fields. Where is her brother?

DSCN0685In the house she jumps to the top of the new kitchen units – is he up here perhaps?

DSCN0693And now Mother has joined her in the search.

Jaffa and Zanzi

The not knowing is agony. We have run out of options to check and now feel so helpless

There is a howl in our hearts.




Life is amazing

7 Jan

Life is amazing

So true for all of us humans.

For our pets, though, the ‘awful’ seems to have bypassed them ….

And surely that’s just the way it should be!

Jaffa relaxing

Breathe in






Life is amazing!




Merry Christmas

24 Dec

Merry Christmas to all our friends – human and four-legged

from PoppyIMG_2165


Jaffa (aka The Lion King)DSCN0388

and Zanzibar

Bank Holiday Monday

4 May

Poppy & Jaffa

Another bank holiday. Another opportunity to escape the usual daily grind of playing, relaxing, snoozing, dreaming.


With all that extra time for …er… relaxing, snoozing, dreaming!

Jaffa & Treacle

Even mum is content to idle away the hours in the same room as her pesky offspring.


And meanwhile, guess what the master and mistress are up to?






Let Sleeping Dogs (and Cats) Lie …

25 Feb

Poppy and Pippin





Dog Cartoon






No Room at the Inn

3 Feb

Poppy is struggling to find a place to lie down in the kitchen. Wherever she looks there is another beast lying down. The moment she leaves her sofa, Richie is ready to jump up and take her place.


And as for those cheeky cats – they are everywhere! Zanzi likes the biggest bed she can find and stretches out in Richie’s vacated bed.


Jaffa (more of a loafing king than a Lion King) snoozes away the days in any available place – wherever I lay my hat .


Treacle takes over one of the chairs but she likes to keep a watchful eye on any possible challenges from her two offspring.


Whatever is a diva dog to do? There’s no room at the inn. She decides to slope off to another room where there will be a choice of comfy places to stretch out her long legs without being disturbed..

Richie goes home today but tomorrow we have a pair of spaniels to stay. Better rest up now, Poppy.



Welcome Home

23 Jan

We have been away again, escaping the British winter. Poppy has been spoiled as usual by our lovely friends who live nearby and care for all our pets. It is so reassuring for us to know that she is safe, happy and loved in our absence.

Poppy is so at home in their house in fact that she sometimes just drops in to see them when we are out in the fields and she gets bored waiting for us to go somewhere. If their back door is open, she will run inside and help herself to their sofa, confident that she will be welcomed and not evicted. Taz has become used to her and no longer growls at this cheeky intruder.

Poppy on teddy bear rug

Once again the cats have been fed in the stable yard and they have been turning up at regular intervals for their rations of food, milk and Dreamies. They have had the use of the house too via the cat flap and have obviously been enjoying their home comforts in our absence.


When we arrive home, Jaffa emerges yawning from amongst the cushions where he has obviously been hiding from the recent vile weather. Treacle is curled up in a warm bed and, to our amazement, Zanzi has been allowed to join her. It’s obviously been cold without the usual warmth of the aga – enough for her to forgo her normal grumpiness.

Treacle and Zanzi

They are ecstatic to see us, and not just for food. All three cats have been winding themselves round our legs, rubbing their heads against us in a frenzy of purring and demanding to be cuddled and cossetted. Jaffa follows us around from room to room like a pet dog and squawks until we pick him up to make a fuss of him. Even Treacle has been welcoming us with much head-rubbing and purrs.

It is said that cats are not affectionate! We have had a rapturous welcome home from our furry beasts.