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Still Missing

30 Mar

JaffaDay 17 and there is still no sign of Jaffa. It’s hard not to despair. Our other pets sense something is wrong too.

DSCN0699Poppy and Pippin have been helping us to scour the woods. But where amongst the thousands of trees do we stop looking?

DSCN0690Zanzi has been walking around the top of our wall where she has a panoramic view of the garden and all the surrounding fields. Where is her brother?

DSCN0685In the house she jumps to the top of the new kitchen units – is he up here perhaps?

DSCN0693And now Mother has joined her in the search.

Jaffa and Zanzi

The not knowing is agony. We have run out of options to check and now feel so helpless

There is a howl in our hearts.




Merry Christmas

24 Dec

Merry Christmas to all our friends – human and four-legged

from PoppyIMG_2165


Jaffa (aka The Lion King)DSCN0388

and Zanzibar

Exploring the Forest

19 Nov

Jaffa and Poppy

Jaffa continues to accompany us on our morning walks (when the weather’s fine, that is – when it’s raining he’s more likely to be found in a bed next to the Aga).

Jaffa in woods

He’s bolder now and into everything. Every bush has to be explored and every tree climbed. It makes for a slow walk for Poppy. If we walk off without him, he complains loudly. Then he appears trotting after us on the track meowing plaintively … wait for me!

But as soon as he’s caught up, he’s scampering up a tree again and laughing at Poppy because he knows she can’t follow. Then he runs down the trunk and leaps to the ground from six feet up. Ready for the next one now!

Jaffa up tree

This is a forest. There are a LOT of trees. You can’t climb them all, Jaffa!

Zanzi in tree

Back at home, his sister Zanzi is working her way round all the trees in our garden. She’s not interested in walking with a dog. At least not yet!






One of those ‘Oh f***’ moments

30 Sep

Pippin and Zanzi

Pippin and Zanzi are enjoying a bit of Indian summer. They are lying in the warm grass in the paddock trying to stare each other out. Zanzi knows that if she moves fast, Pippin will chase her. So she just lies there with a challenging look and Pippin watches and waits.

Horses on their way

Suddenly their attention is diverted by the appearance of our two horses moving up the paddock. They are wearing their scary masks (they keep the flies from crawling into their eyes – a torment for all horses in the warm months and are made of netting).  The horses are only walking at this moment but they could break into a gallop at any time.

Zanzi and Pippin watch them for a few frozen seconds. The horses are bearing down on them curious to see what is in their paddock. For our small pets, it is one of those ‘Oh f***’ moments! They seem to have the same thought at the exact same time. Time to beat a very hasty exit.  They turn and flee in unison.

Cats’ Playground

29 Jun

Cats at play

Now that summer has arrived, the cats are spending more time outside exploring rather than looking for warm places to curl up in the house.

Jaffa in sweetcorn

The Lion King has found a good place to hide in his own jungle ……

Zanzi in tomato bed

Zanzi loves to help (or mostly hinder) with the gardening jobs. She is fascinated by the tomato plants in the greenhouse but luckily has not been climbing them (at least not when we’re around!)

Treacle on top of wall

Treacle is high up on top of our wall, surveying her kingdom. It’s a great look-out post. She can make sure she is not troubled by her pesky offspring or by any marauding dogs.





22 May

We have been away on our travels again. Our pets have once again been looked after by friends.

Poppy has been staying at a house just a few hundred yards from our own and as usual she has been thoroughly spoiled with lots of lovely trips out in the car and long walks through woods and fields.


Holidays are nice but it’s good to be home.

The cats have been looked after at our home but at the approach of our returning car they rushed to greet us in a chorus of ecstatic purring.

That is the wonderful thing about pets. There is no sulking and recriminations of the You’ve been away for ages – how could you leave us alone so long? variety. They are just overjoyed to see us.


Now all is well with their world. Instead of the just twice a day feeding regime, normal 24 hour service has been restored; there is fresh milk and chicken and tuna, and most importantly the supply of Dreamies has been reinstated!

Jaffa who is the most shy and wary (he apparently ran off and hid whenever our friend arrived to feed them), has been following me around like a sheep. Every time I sit down he is on my lap rubbing his face up against my chin and cheek or licking my hands.


                          I feel safe now

Zanzi winds herself round and round our legs in one long purrathon, although she was not too proud to do this in our absence for anyone else who might be available to give her a cuddle or something scrummy to munch on.


Come on, get those Dreamies out!

Even Treacle has been showing us more affection than usual. She has been letting us pick her up and purrs with appreciation as we stroke her head and rub her ears. No tummy rubbing though, however inviting it looks.  That would be a step too far – definitely not to be tolerated!


In a few days, once the staus quo has been re-established, they’ll probably be ignoring us again while they pursue a life of exploring, climbing trees and chasing the local wildlife.

Bank Holiday Monday

4 May

Poppy & Jaffa

Another bank holiday. Another opportunity to escape the usual daily grind of playing, relaxing, snoozing, dreaming.


With all that extra time for …er… relaxing, snoozing, dreaming!

Jaffa & Treacle

Even mum is content to idle away the hours in the same room as her pesky offspring.


And meanwhile, guess what the master and mistress are up to?