Exploring the Forest

19 Nov

Jaffa and Poppy

Jaffa continues to accompany us on our morning walks (when the weather’s fine, that is – when it’s raining he’s more likely to be found in a bed next to the Aga).

Jaffa in woods

He’s bolder now and into everything. Every bush has to be explored and every tree climbed. It makes for a slow walk for Poppy. If we walk off without him, he complains loudly. Then he appears trotting after us on the track meowing plaintively … wait for me!

But as soon as he’s caught up, he’s scampering up a tree again and laughing at Poppy because he knows she can’t follow. Then he runs down the trunk and leaps to the ground from six feet up. Ready for the next one now!

Jaffa up tree

This is a forest. There are a LOT of trees. You can’t climb them all, Jaffa!

Zanzi in tree

Back at home, his sister Zanzi is working her way round all the trees in our garden. She’s not interested in walking with a dog. At least not yet!






One Response to “Exploring the Forest”

  1. carolynswriting at 3:21 am #

    I think ginger cats have to be the most sociable! 🙂


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