Tiger in the Woods

1 May

Our tiger is in the woods (no golfing pun intended!)

Rafa has taken to accompanying us on our morning walk with Poppy. Sometimes he must think he’s a dog as he likes to copy Poppy and they are together most of the day. Rafa still gets the cold shoulder from our other two cats so he is happy to have a friend in our sweet-natured dog.

Following us into the woods is just what our last ginger cat did. And then one day he went missing … We never found out what happened to him.

We’re afraid that once Rafa learns the way into the woods, he’ll go there on his own and perhaps at night… and perhaps not come home.

The woods are an exciting place for a young cat. So many trees and paths and all that jungle to explore. So when Rafa first tried to follow us we took him back to the house and locked him in. But cats are free spirits and we can’t do that for the rest of his life.

At the moment he mostly stays with us and trots along the paths with just the occasional foray into the undergrowth when he can’t resist checking it out.

We’ll just have to keep hoping he’ll continue to come home. We couldn’t bear to lose this little chap too.

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