Life is amazing

7 Jan

Life is amazing

So true for all of us humans.

For our pets, though, the ‘awful’ seems to have bypassed them ….

And surely that’s just the way it should be!

Jaffa relaxing

Breathe in






Life is amazing!





Muddy New Year

4 Jan

Rain, rain and more rain! It’s a new year and still it’s coming down.

Our paddocks are like rice paddy fields with the horses sloshing about in the wet grass and mud.

Unlike Poppy and the cats who have been hiding in the house away from the wet stuff, the horses don’t care too much. As soon as they are turned out in the morning it’s time for a roll. Mud, glorious mud!





Perfect Christmas Present!

25 Dec


How gorgeous are these!!


Merry Christmas

24 Dec

Merry Christmas to all our friends – human and four-legged

from PoppyIMG_2165


Jaffa (aka The Lion King)DSCN0388

and Zanzibar

List for Santa

29 Nov

Not on Poppy’s Christmas list this year!

Woolly hats for whippets




Exploring the Forest

19 Nov

Jaffa and Poppy

Jaffa continues to accompany us on our morning walks (when the weather’s fine, that is – when it’s raining he’s more likely to be found in a bed next to the Aga).

Jaffa in woods

He’s bolder now and into everything. Every bush has to be explored and every tree climbed. It makes for a slow walk for Poppy. If we walk off without him, he complains loudly. Then he appears trotting after us on the track meowing plaintively … wait for me!

But as soon as he’s caught up, he’s scampering up a tree again and laughing at Poppy because he knows she can’t follow. Then he runs down the trunk and leaps to the ground from six feet up. Ready for the next one now!

Jaffa up tree

This is a forest. There are a LOT of trees. You can’t climb them all, Jaffa!

Zanzi in tree

Back at home, his sister Zanzi is working her way round all the trees in our garden. She’s not interested in walking with a dog. At least not yet!







7 Nov

Guilty cat and dog